Pixels and paper are our craft.

Originally starting as a business specialising in flash websites, Monk’s focus has evolved over the years to include a range of both graphic design services and complex website development.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience, we develop lasting friendships with our clients, encourage big ideas, and aim to nurture a creative environment. There are no sales staff or project managers— you deal with the person doing your work.

The Monk family consists of three people— a close-knit team of two designers and three programmers. How does this add up? Two of us can do both.

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Paul Bui Paul Bui

Paul Bui


If there's one thing you should know about Paul - it's that he really likes wood. This is closely related to his love of DIY and repurposing old items to make something new again.

His trademark Monk green colour encompasses the office's organic aesthetic and is inspired by his love of avocado plants. He also runs the company.

Jaclyn Tan

Jaclyn Tan

Developer / Designer

Jaclyn can seamlessly phase in and out of both roles without breaking a sweat. She is also our resident vegetable farmer and has her own pet log.

A hoarder of objects and ideas - Jaclyn one day hopes to implement a Kickstarter idea that will change your lives.

Eddy Pytlowany Eddy Pytlowany

Eddy Pytlowany


Eddy is a genuine Picasso when it comes to coding. He sees the web as a blank canvas and strives to keep his code neat and dry.

When Eddy isn't consuming bananas or biking around town, he spends his time asking Siri (on his iPhone Xs) questions in order to learn more about this strange world.

Fellow Monk Residents.

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